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April 11, 2012 Town of Hiles Annual Meeting

Unofficial Minutes
Town of Hiles Annual Meeting
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Hiles Town Hall

The Annual Meeting was called to order by Chairman Trent Miner at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Town Electors: Trent Miner, Tom Gardner, Mark Gudel, Kimberly Miner, Janice Schultz, Walter Wegner; Non-electors Dan Wald and Nancy Potter.

Minutes of the April 19, 2011, Annual Meeting. Motion made by Gardner and seconded by Wegner to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as presented. There was no discussion. Motion carried.

The 2011 Annual Financial Report was presented and reviewed. One correction is needed. The cemetery expenditure is for one year, not two years as indicated on the report. Moved by Gudel and seconded by Wegner to approve as presented with the indicated correction. Motion carried. The Form C Style format was used as required by statute instead of the individual listing of all checks and deposits.

The Chairman’s Report was read and discussed.

Chairman’s Report to the Electors
April 11, 2012
➢ After 14 years of service to the Town of Hiles as Supervisor, Steve Meis resigned his position. In his place the board appointed Mark Gudel and he will serve out the rest of Steve’s term.
➢ The money from FEMA was received early last year. This was the emergency aid the Town received as a result of the floods back in September 2010. Last summer, we finished repair of Wallace Road by blacktopping the portion that had washed out from that flood event. All the other damages were repaired back in 2010.
➢ The intersection of Cary Hiles Road and Turner Road really fell apart last spring. We dug up the old road bed, replaced the base with breaker run and base gravel, and re-blacktopped that intersection. The Town of Hiles paid for the entire project.
➢ Last year, the Board concentrated on graveling. Hay Creek Road, from Holst to the old Nieman Road, was resurfaced with gravel. We did patch graveling to both Weisner Road and Boyer Road as well. Boyer Road still needs more attention on the last mile.
➢ While we were blacktopping Cary Hiles Road and Wallace Road, the Board decided to have the rest of the Town Hall lot blacktopped. There has been damage done to the siding on the hall because of the gravel driveway and kids doing donuts in that area. This will stop that.
➢ The Town Hall was also vandalized last July. Somebody took a hammer and broke a bunch of letters off of the sign and broke the wooden bench. They dumped a bunch of baby furniture as well. I replaced the letters and took the wooden bench away.
➢ The family and friends of Roy “Buttons” Ewer donated the bench that is outside right now. It is a very heavy and well-built bench that will undoubtedly last for a very long time. It will be secured to the sign outside and brought in the hall during the winter for protection.
➢ We applied for TRIP funding to re-do Kurt Creek Road this year. Unfortunately we were not successful in securing additional funding to help with this project, although it is still the intent of the Board to move forward with this project. It includes ditching, culvert replacement, base gravel, and blacktop.
➢ As I have reported for the last few years now, elections continue to be a HUGE expense in time and resources for the town. With the passage of the Voter ID legislation, additional requirements, new forms, new procedures have to be learned and processed. Unfortunately, what happened right before the spring election, a judge ruled that part of that law was not constitutional, so the majority of the training we participated in up to that point was not needed for the April election. I say this only to demonstrate that it is imperative that the town stay on top of these requirements, not only the clerk, but also the chief election inspectors. The supreme court recount of 2011 was just the tip of the iceberg on the scrutiny that is now placed on miniscule portions of an election. There will be 5 elections this year, the April election which we just had, the May 8th and June 5th recall elections, the partisan primary in August, and the general election in November.
➢ Our mowing contractor has decided to retire. We are presently looking at other options although I don’t know that we will see anybody as good as he was.
➢ The State now requires all Assessors to enter and maintain all information on the computer. There are specific computer programs designed for this purpose. Or, the Assessor may develop his own. The Board has committed to paying for a person to enter the information as well as the program itself.
➢ The Board just passed an ordinance to extend the terms of office of the Board by one week in order to comply with the new election laws. Because absentee voters and voters who qualify for a provisional ballot have until Friday after the election to get either their ballots or information in, the election cannot be certified until after that point. Then candidates have a few days to request a recount. Because these timelines have changed, the newly elected Board, Clerk, and Treasurer are not seated until the 3rd Tuesday in April. Therefore, it was necessary to extend the terms by that one week.
➢ Because of this, all future annual meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday in April, instead of the second Tuesday.

Current Wages:
• Chairman - $500.00/year salary & $70.00 per diem
• Supervisors – $70 per diem
• Clerk - $3,500.00/year salary and $35.00 per diem per non-Town Board Meeting
• Treasurer - $2,150.00/year salary and $35.00 per diem per non-Town Board Meeting
• Assessor - $4,500.00 salary
• Chief Election Inspector - $10.00 per hour
• Election Inspector – $9.00 per hour

Motion made by Wegner and seconded by Gardner to continue wages at the current level. Motion carried.

Date for next Annual Meeting is tentatively set for Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Motion by Gudel and seconded by Kimberly Miner to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned by Chairman Miner at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Janice I Schultz


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