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May 9, 2012 Town of Hiles Board Meeting

Town of Hiles Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Hiles Town Hall

Chairman Trent Miner called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm.

Present were: Chairman Trent Miner, Supervisor Tom Gardner, Supervisor Mark Gudel, Treasurer Kimberly Miner, Clerk Janice Schultz, and Assessor Gerald Wegner.

Assessor shared information on software to bring the Town into electronic compliance with assessments. Looking at Assessment Technologies’ Market Drive software. Can enter sales for the Town and areas around to come up with values quicker and more accurately. There are 5 packages available. The one that would fit the Town is the second from the bottom—for small municipalities. Annual fee of $300.00—based on improved parcels. Major annual update done in December as part of the $300 fee. Updates on a timely basis—usually monthly. The contract starts with Jerry starts. Would be installed on Jerry’s computer. Assistance is $60 per hour but comes with a detailed manual that should eliminate a need for much assistance. This package included both import and export and compatible with Wood County system. Possible additional software may be needed to sketch buildings, etc. Cost of $495. Looking into scanning drawings already have and attach to electronic file. The 2011 and 2012 information would be imported and used as a base. The 2013 assessment would be all digital. Ag and forest acreage has to break down into 3 classifications according to the State. Currently using a breakdown of 5. When purchases, will be directly billed to the Town.

The minutes of the Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Hiles Town Board meeting were presented. Moved by Supervisor Gardner and seconded by Supervisor Gudel to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report was presented and is attached. Moved by Supervisor Gudel and seconded by Supervisor Gardner to approve as presented. Motion carried.

Reminder of road inspection on Saturday, May 12, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. Meet at Gardner’s.

Reviewed current road maintenance. Crackfilling is done. Chairman called to have roads graded once the rain stopped. Town of Cary has started grading.

Discussion of contract with Town of Cary for road maintenance. Per hour rates are: Grader and Operator $105, Truck and Operator $75, Cruz air and Operator $85. This is based on a fuel price of $3.15 per gallon. The Town of Cary reserves the right to increase the per hour rate by $1.60 for each $.20 that the per gallon fuel cost is above $3.15 for #2 diesel tax exempt. Moved by Gardner and seconded by Gudel to approve the road maintenance (grading roads and plowing snow) contract with the Town of Cary. Motion carried

Reviewed Town sign policy details. Chairman and Treasurer completed the project and shared the findings booklet at the meeting.

Discussion on inter-governmental agreement with Town of Dexter for maintenance on Koppen Road. Board agreed on what will go into the document. Chairman will write it up and send to the Town of Dexter Board. Final approval can be made at June meeting.

Reviewed correspondence
•Review of Election information. The Town had 48 of their 111 registered voters vote. There were problems with the ink cartridge system on the AutoMark. A technician from ES&S was called and she came out to replace the broken part. The power was off from 5:20 to 8:05 pm. Voting was completed using candles and kerosene lamp. The next election will be June 5 using the same election inspectors.

•Received letter from Stoddard Law Office regarding regulation of frac sand.

•Special Registration Deputy at Pittsville High School is no longer required. The Board instructed the Clerk to continue to do the registrations on site.

•Clerk received information on Clerks/Treasurers Institute from UW-Green Bay and Wood County Clerk Cindy Cepress. Town Clerk not attending this year.

•Clerk received information on WI Municipal Clerks Association Conference in Middleton in August. Clerk requesting expenses to attend this Conference.

•Clerk completed “2012 Census of governments Survey of Public Employment & Payroll E-5: Municipalities, Townships.”

•Received information from Kevin Boyer, County Surveyor, on road construction, ditching, and culvert replacement.

•Received request from the Republican Party of Wisconsin to update municipal clerk information. No update was needed.

•Received AFFIDAVIT OF CORRECTION from Wood County Register of Deeds on property owned by Gregory P Rhinehart.

•Received phone call from Nancy Potter on election wages, cost of voting machine, cost of phone line for voting machine, etc. Board directed that all requests from anyone should be in writing and response given in writing.

•Received letter from Department of Revenue on their intention to review all liquor license holders in the State. Included information on how to properly fill out Liquor Licenses. The Town does not have any Liquor License holders.

•Received information on Town Officials Workshops to be held during May, 2012 and shared with the Board.

•Received information from American Pavement Solutions on crack sealing.
•Received Crossroads bulletin.
•Received NCWRPC News bulletin.
•Received GameTime 2012 playground catalog.

The next Town meeting will be Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

The bills were presented for payment. Moved by Supervisor Gudel and seconded by Supervisor Gardner to make all payments as presented. Motion carried.

Motion made by Supervisor Gardner and seconded by Supervisor Gudel to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Chairman Miner adjourned the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Janice I Schultz, Town of Hiles Clerk


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